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Tom Faulk – New Gay Porn Stars

Tom Faulk has changed his appearance many times over the years. This gay porn star has been muscular with long hair, skinny with long hair, now he has short hair with an impressive physique. Faulk has come a long way since his days of being a street smart ecstasy dealer.

Born in Austin, Texas, Faulk is a very attractive man with blonde hair and beautiful emerald-green eyes. He stands at five feet and seven inches. He has a massive seven-inch cut dick. He doesn’t have a problem with bending over and touching his toes during scenes.

Faulk has no problems with turning heads with his amazing smooth body. Fortunately, he was able to get his life together after battling drugs for a period of time. He started working with back in 2013. He worked extremely hard and managed to become an exclusive star. It is interesting to point out that he (like many porn stars) believes that marijuana should be legalized.

Tom has had several scrapes with the law, but he is a laid back nice guy. He was arrested for throwing a pillow at his father, drug possession, and physical assault. It is fair to say that Tom has been through tough times.

Tom is the first to admit that he has experienced all types of things, but he has put the past behind him. He says he is not gay or straight. Staying true to his form, Faulk wants to be classified as a human being who enjoys sex.

His First Gay XXX Videos

He starred in his first gay XXX video back in July 2013. “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Underwear 2” features him fucking the shit out of Hunter Page. This movie was viewed by 27,000 men on twitter. He went on to star in 48 more hardcore films. This includes “Team USA 3” with Jake Wilder, Colby Keller, and Asher Hawk in 2014; “School Trip”, an exciting twink project with Ricky Decker; and “Men for Sale” Parts Two and Three with Jarec Wentworth.

Tom ventured out and worked for other companies. It is imperative to point out that he participated in bareback riding scenes, but he made certain that the other actors tested negative for sexually transmitted diseases.

There are rules that actors must abide by while on the set. Tom kicked Landon Mycles in the face to get him off of him in his first bareback flick. Johnny didn’t pick up the signal that Tom was sending him. Johnny was sliding his dick deep into Tom’s ass. Tom wanted Johnny to slow down, but Johnny kept pumping him hard. Fortunately, they finished the scene and movie.

Watching gay porn

The most natural thing to do in the world today is to watch gay porn. As the internet has got bigger and better over the last 50 years or so, so have the porn sites. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, thin, fat, active, disabled, we can all watch it, or even just listening to it can give you a hard boner.
I even know a few straights that watch it, and I have even heard of some females watching it. (Sorry, didn’t mean to mention them in this.)
It doesn’t really matter what you are into either, there is something for everyone if you look around. I personally am into hot hairy bears and mature men, but I still look at other things as well. It’s a healthy thing to do, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Think of it as sex education, and as the schools don’t teach about gay sex, (only the other kind) then gay porn is the way forward. I certainly didn’t learn it from my parents; it was from going out, having fun, and also watching it all on the internet.
My God, I remember when I first started watching porn. I was young, Ah, so young. My parents had gone out and, feeling slightly nervous, I typed in ‘free gay porn.’ I didn’t have the money for anything else. My young cock was rock solid in my pants even before I typed in those oh so special words. I didn’t realize at that time, but the internet was going to become a big part of my life.
I saw guys my own age making out. They were buck naked and sucking cock. Another guy was behind the one on his hands and knees sucking his friend’s cock, and he slid his meaty cock deep inside him, and didn’t stop fucking him until they were all shooting that lovely gooey stuff over each other. My face was on fire, and I realized I had shot my own cum in my pants without even touching it.

I peeled my pants off, and as I held my still hard cock in my hand, I watched another movie, followed by another. By the end of the evening I slept like a baby after shooting my load four times. It was also the first time I had fingered my own ass which also felt so good. My cock was aching and with my balls empty, I went into a deep sleep and had my first wet dream.
Porn is my world; I love every bit of it. Almost every day I type in something different to see what else I can fantasize about, and believe you me, there might be things out there that you may not have thought about as yet.
In fact, as I sit at my desk at work in the office, I am about to type in Gay Porn once again, and this time I am going to watch it on my mobile phone, have a quick wank, and then go home. I will tell my partner what I have been doing which will get him excited, and we will spend the weekend fucking like dogs on heat, and watching as much gay porn as we can.